UNIVAC (UNIVersal Automatic Computer)

The UNIVAC (UNIVersal Automatic Computer) was the first general-purpose electronic digital computer designed for commercial use. The UNIVAC was started in 1946 and completed in 1951. The UNIVAC had an add time of 120 microseconds, multiply time of 1,800 microseconds, and divide time of 3,600 microseconds.

The UNIVAC's input consisted of magnetic tape with a speed of 12,800 charactors per second with a read-in speed of 100 inches per second, records at 20 charactors per inch, records at 50 charactors per inch, card-to-tape-converter 240 cards per minute, 80 column punched card input 120 characters per inch, and punched paper tape to magnetic tape converter 200 characters a second. Its output media/speed was magnetic tape/12,800 charactors per second, uniprinter/10-11 charactors per second, high speed printer/600 lines per minute, tape-to-card converter/120 cards per minute, Rad Lab buffer storage/Hg 3,500 microsecond, or 60 words.

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