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photo Cyber Scholarship Application Workshop (3:00 PM CST, Tuesday, 01/29/2013) click here for the flyer

There will be an information session/workshop for students interested in the DoD IASP and NSF SFS programs.

Note: this is not limited to our majors but students must be willing to pursue an Information Assurance focus. Even if you do not qualify at this time (e.g., new incoming freshmen), you are more than welcome to attend.

For more details contact Ms. Angela Clark (, 251-460-7539,

Three SI Leaders are needed for the following courses in Fall of 2010

CIS 115, CIS 120, CIS 121 (see schedule for available class meeting times) (see below for job description and qualifications)

If you are interested in becoming an SI Leader for one of the above classes, please reply to this email, and fill out the attached application. Be sure to indicate the classes and sections for which you would be able serve as SI Leader (indicate only the classes and sections that fit your qualifications and schedule).

SI leaders can be undergraduate or graduate students but must be enrolled fall semester. They are selected for their competence, ability to communicate and relate to students, and desire to work with students in an SI setting.

Each leader will be paid $900, as usual, for 15 weeks for 6 contact hours per week per course (3 hours attendance in one section of the course plus 3 hours of SI sessions per week open to students in up to 3 sections of the course). Student Leaders sign a time sheet every two weeks and are paid through Direct Deposit, so they must have a bank account. New SI leaders must attend the required training workshop.

For complete details please see You will find the SI leader responsibilities agreement form revised for fall 2010, the SI leader application form, a general description of SI, and a tentative agenda for the two-day training workshop August 19-20, 2010, required for new student SI leaders.

Please submit all applications and inquiries to:

Paul Overstreet
School of Computer and Information Sciences
University of South Alabama
Faculty Court East 11
(251) 460-6390

Instructor & Program Assistant Recruitment for 2010 Summer-Long Pipeline

The USA Center for Healthy Communities, Center of Excellence is looking for graduate students to serve as instructors or program assistants for a summer-long pipeline program that targets rising junior through senior high school students. The instructors would teach advanced high-school-level Math, Science, or English / Writing. The program assistants would provide classroom assistance and tutoring.

We are looking for qualified individuals who are enthusiastic and creative enough to engage and motivate high school students toward greater educational achievement in the sciences. Students are encouraged to apply for the positions by contacting Ms. Falcon.

Instructor Criteria:

  • Must have at least a bachelor's degree in: Math, Biology, Chemistry, English, Physics, Basic Science, or Secondary Education
  • Must work well with youth
  • Must have at least a 3.3 GPA or above
  • Must be available between June 14, 2010 - July 31, 2010 (depending on schedule)

Program Assistant Criteria:

  • Must have a degree or major in: Math, Biology, Chemistry, English, Physics, Basic Science, or Secondary Education
  • Must work well with youth
  • Must have at least a 3.0 GPA or above
  • Must be available from June 14, 2010 - July 31, 2010 (depending on schedule)

Application Requirements: Please submit a Letter of Interest, Resume, and Three References

Application Deadline: February 15, 2010

For additional information regarding the summer program please contact or e-mail:

Ms. Diana A. Falcon - Pipeline Coordinator
USA Center for Healthy Communities, Center of Excellence
307 University Blvd. N.
CSAB 104
Mobile, AL. 36688
Tel: (251) 470-1687
Fax: (251) 471-7122

Summer Internship Opportunity at the University of California, Santa Barbara

Application Deadline is February 2, 2010, so hurry up! For more details, click here.

INROADS, the nation's largest nonprofit source of salaried internships for excelling Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, and Native American Indian college students.

Students who apply for an INROADS Internship are first trained and coached. Students are next interviewed by INROADS Corporate Clients, who are recommended based on fit for this student. Such companies include UTC, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, MetLife, Boeing, and many others. Upon placement, these students then become INROADS Interns and receive a PAID summer internship, with real-world work, in their major area of study.

INROADS Interns also receive:

* Year-round coaching
* A corporate mentor
* Networking events with corporate executives and career-minded peers
* Free tutoring
* Scholarship information
* The potential to join the company, full-time upon graduation

INROADS seeks to provide the opportunity for students to take their careers to the Next Level. Most INROADS Interns receive job offers when they graduate and quickly excel to management positions. Hopefully, you can see the great value in the INROADS Internship Process. Eligible students must:

* Be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident
* Have two or more summers remaining prior to graduation
* Maintain a B or better grade point average (this requirement varies per Internship)
* Intend to pursue a career in Business, Engineering, Retail Management, Technology, Health, Marketing or Sales

To apply, visit

The USA Center for Healthy Communities, Center of Excellence is looking for graduate students to serve as tutors for our Academic Enrichment Program which targets rising sophomore through senior high school students. The tutors will assist our students in advanced high-school-level courses by providing classroom assistance and tutoring at designated sites.

We are looking for individuals who meet the follow criteria:

  • Must have a degree in Secondary Education or currently majoring in
    one of the following subjects:

- Math -Calculus, trigonometry, Algebra, Geometry
- Science - Anatomy, Chemistry, Biology
- English/Writing

  • Must have at least a 3.3 GPA or above
  • Must be available from September 2009 to March 2010
  • Willing to work two days a week at designated locations potentially off campus (Tuesday & Thursday) Variable schedules
  • Must work well with youth and have a strong interest in teaching
  • Must be enthusiastic and creative enough to engage and motivate high school students toward greater educational achievement

To submit an application, please note the following Requirements:

1. Resume
2. Letter of Interest
3. Letter of recommendation
4.Three References

Application Deadline: September 11, 2009

Please note: applicants who do not submit all of the required documents will not be considered for employment.

For additional information please contact the Pipeline Coordinator:

Diana Falcon, BA
Community Outreach Coordinator
USA Center for Healthy Communities, Center of Excellence
578 Stanton Rd.
Mobile, AL. 36617
Phone: (251) 470-1687 or 414-8001
Fax: (251) 414-8009

The Mobile County NASA DEVELOP team is looking for fall interns. The DEVELOP Program is a student run and led program that works with science advisers to tackle local issues through the application of NASA technologies (remote sensing).

Benefits of completing a NASA DEVELOP internship:

It is a well-paid internship
Builds communication skills
Builds proper research skills
NASA DEVELOP internships look great on resumes and grad school applications
Allows students to work with cutting edge technology
Puts students in contact with knowledgeable science advisors
Flexible work schedule

The application deadline for the fall semester is August 10. More details are aviailable at:

Graduate Student Summer Internship Opportunities
INTEL- India and HP-India
Administered by ORAU

The Research Internship in Science and Engineering (RISE) is limited to the top students in a broad array of science and engineering disciplines. You will have the opportunity to conduct research at one of the top national laboratories, federal research centers, academic research institutes, or private R&D laboratories in India. Each internship is from 3-6 months and all selected participants will receive housing (or housing allowance), roundtrip transportation to India, and monthly stipend.
U.S. citizens only
Open to graduate students in science, technology, engineering and medical disciplines enrolled at a regionally accredited institution of higher education

Twelve specific projects are listed below for HP-India and Intel-India. Students interested in the opportunities below should submit an application by March 27, 2009. Visit our website for application and contact information. (Applications will be accepted for other areas of research until March 27.)

Location: INTEL – Bangalore, India (2 Projects)
·Tera-Scale Platform
~Silicon: On-die interconnect; cache architecture and dynamic reconfiguration; load scheduling on cores – perf & thermal; on-die power delivery ; BIST architectures and algorithms
~Package: MC / DRAM die-stack techniques ; packaging materials for high thermal loading ; dense I/O for MC packages ; cooling techniques and mathematical modeling
~Board and System: Topological implications of large fan-out from MC package ; System-level interconnect fabric ; resource partitioning architecture ; system security and trust models ; design of efficient power supplies and power delivery chains ; Transactional Memory HW architecture and support
~Software: New software models and architecture based on TM synchronization ; compiler techniques for Multi Core ; active partition management
~System on Chip (SOC)
·Power Efficient Platform
~Silicon: On-die Clock, On-die VR, Mesochronous Design Style, Design Tool implications
~Board and System: Support for Fine Grain Power Management, architecture and algorithms ; Low power fixed-function support structures e.g. streaming media processing ; high efficiency power delivery ; multi-radio management for interference and power reduction
~Low cost Intel Architecture
~Low Power Intel Arcitecture
Location: HP – India (10 projects)

·3-D hand pose estimation for gesture recognition: Strong background in computer vision, image analysis and human-computer interaction is required.
·A Type System based on Semantic Web: Background in Programming Language design is essential. Exposure to Lambda Calculus, Type Systems required. Knowledge of logic programming and semantic web desirable.
·Conversational multimodal interfaces: Background in building dialog based/conversational interfaces for multimodal systems required.
·Dynamic Network Analysis for Web Change analysis and modeling: Knowledge of Web mining, Graph algorithms is essential. Exposure to Formal models, Dynamic Network Analysis will be an added advantage
·Embedded P2P workflow engine: Good knowledge of distributed systems, databases, embedded system and related topics. Good analytical skills and fluent programming ability in C++/Java are required. Background in middleware and web services would be ideal.
·Gaze tracking: Background in image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition etc. essential. Experience in building gaze tracking systems would be a plus
·Human computer information retrieval: Exposure to one of the following topics desirable - Relevance feedback, user intent determination/user profiling, faceted search, information visualization
·Print and scan resilient semi supervised document clustering: Image processing, pattern recognition and machine learning, C/C++, MATLAB, pursuing Masters or higher degrees in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science
·Print-scan channel modeling and detection: Strong base in digital communications, digital signal processing, Fourier transforms and related topics. Good mathematical skills and fluent programming ability in Matlab/C are essential. Background in information and coding theory would be ideal.
·User Action Understanding: Exposure to sequence mining. Frequent pattern mining and related technologies, particularly in the context of web. Knowledge of some tools and techniques in Cognitive User Modeling will be of great advantage.

The Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) and Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) manage the RISE program. RISE provides opportunities for American graduate students to conduct research in India and for American institutions to host Indian graduate students and faculty in the U.S.

India is a worldwide leader in science and technology. This historically rich and culturally diverse nation is one of the fastest-growing centers of global technological progress and is home to one of the largest technically trained workforces in the world. U.S. students and host institutions participating in the prestigious RISE program will have the opportunity to gain invaluable perspective into the world of international research, as well as to develop lasting research partnerships with leading Indian researchers and institutions.

For more information, please contact: Marisa Moazen, Oak Ridge Associated Universities, P.O. Box 117, MS-36, Oak Ridge, TN 37831, (865) 241-6958,



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